The story of our gold cards.

How it began, all that glitters is not gold.

The story of our gold cards: “I have been working in the gold industry for more than 45 years, and recently I have seen a growing issue facing counterfeit gold. I wanted to provide a simple and innovative solution that would restore trust into the gold market, so customers can purchase gold on and offline securely and with confidence.” – Says Michael Marcus, Director of CGC Limited.

Early forgeries were simple to spot out, pirates could discover a fake simply by biting the coin. Gold protection today is advanced, and many bars are protected by plastic blisters, holographic seals and codes. With the protection of gold advancing so have the methods used to create counterfeit gold, making it harder to decipher whether they are ersatz

In 2012, there was a surge of counterfeit gold hitting the market. The thorough testing carried out by traders before purchasing, was not enough to uncover the shocking truth behind what the gold bars were hiding.

The density and melting point of tungsten and gold have been known for many years to be similar. These similarities mean that gold bars can be drilled out and filled with tungsten, fooling even the most sophisticated of tests. For example, even an X-Ray test would pass the counterfeit gold; only penetrating the surface, leaving the tungsten, under the thick gold plating unidentified. Companies such as China Tungsten Online, market gold tungsten products with no embarrassment, even stating that they can be used for an “illegal purposes”.

The solution:

Purchasing anything of the internet holds some degree of risk, let alone purchasing gold. The gold industry remains to be built upon trust. In order to reduce/eliminate the risk of purchasing counterfeit gold, one should always purchase from larger, accredited organisations who use a third party certifier. If you are not sure whether the site you are looking to purchase from is reliable, look for the Assay Office marks (London, Sheffield, Birmingham and Edinburgh are the main ones).

If you are unsure whether gold you have bought in the past is counterfeit, we urge you to find out, to ensure that counterfeit gold is eliminated from being circulated around the market. To test your gold make sure the weight is exactly what it should be, if it is and you are still not convinced we recommend that you get the gold tested with an ultrasound. Specific ultrasound machines allow individuals to yield simple images that are easily interpreted.

“In 2012 I created the ‘gold card’, the idea behind this card was that individuals can purchase small gold bars (ranging from 1g-1 Oz) as gift cards for loved ones, to start their investment portfolio. All the gold bars are certified not only by one assay office but by London, Sheffield and Birmingham to ensure that our customers purchase the highest quality gold, we continue to supply gold that is 999.9 pure.” Says Michael Marcus, Director of CGC Limited.

To ensure that GCG investment customers can buy gold with this highest confidence, all gold is certified by the London Assay office- the Goldsmiths’ company. Once the small bars are certified they are then sealed onto a plastic card using a tamper resistant resin and fitted with an RFID tag to ensure maximum security.

Our product is one of the few on the market that can offer our customers with 100% confidence when purchasing gold bars online.

Gold Vs Bonds

Low-risk, low-cost investment

As you find yourself with the ability and the desire to invest, you might not know how or what to invest into. Although, bonds may seem like the safest option to invest into, but what has the highest return relative to fiscal stability?
The first thing you might think off when deciding what to invest in might be what is the safer option? There is a deep-seated belief that bonds are a safer and secure while gold is riskier and highly volatile this is, however, not the case if one looks at the investment indices performance (and other sources) they will find that it is gold rather than bonds that offer the highest wealth security.

Gold has continued to show enormous stability throughout it’s years and in comparison to bonds, gold is highly stable. During inflation, bonds are seriously damaged leaving investors with a significantly lower interest rate. Gold, however, is resilient and has a negative correlation to financial assets, this, therefore, provides complete protection from not only inflation but any currency crises. During inflation, gold has generated annual compounded rate of return of 16% in comparison to bonds which only generated 8%.

Unlike bonds, gold holds no counterpart risk and investments can not be reduced to zero, whereas bonds, like equities, are someone else’s liability and the yield of your investment depends on this ‘someone else’. If gold investors require cash flow they can simply liquidate part of their gold portfolio in order to generate instant cash flow, bonds however are not this easy to turn into a cash flow making gold a stress-free investment that can offer a cash flow at all times.

Each investment provides its own risk; awareness, knowledge and clarity of the market will allow you to reduce this risk. Both of the investments have the potential to provide lucrative returns, which one you choose to invest in is your choice but we must state that we fully support the investment into gold due to the lowered risks of investment.