About CGC

Welcome to CGC UK Investments. With over 50 years of experience and industry knowledge, we have created a product and a company that has pride in offering our consumer real value with every purchase.

10g gold card

Founded in 2012, CGC UK Investments was created to provide a solution to the growing issues facing counterfeit gold. Michael Marcus; the director of the company, wanted to provide a simple solution, so customers could purchase gold securely and with confidence.

To ensure that our customers can buy gold with confidence, our gold is certified by the London Assay Office – the Goldsmiths’ Company. Once the bar is certified, it is then sealed securely onto a plastic card using tamper resistant resin. Each card is individually coded along with the installation of RFID chips for additional security.

Our product is one of the few in this an elite market, and there are no other products that go the extra mile to protect your investments. We offer 100% Certified Gold, at a competitive price, with the additional security which assures you your gold is 100% authentic. In addition, we are happy to buy any bar from our customers at 98% of the spot price.

We are at the forefront of Gold savings and investments.


Partners with London Assay Office – the Goldsmiths’ Company, GJIS and Bache Brown auditors.

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