How it works

How it works

CGC make buying Certified Gold – Safe and Easy, buy gold in 6 simple steps.

1. Select the Certified Gold Bars you want to purchase.

2. Select your delivery options.

3. Apply your payment options.

4. Confirm your order.

5. Receive your Certified Gold Cards. Fully Insured Royal Mail Postage.

6.Register your Account. Takes less than 1 minute.

Why Us?

What separates us from our competition is our gold is certified by the Goldsmiths’ Assay Office.  Each bar is laser marked with the emblem of the assayer. This mark validates the weight of the bar and the bars purity, which is certified to be at least 999.9 pure gold.

CGC Investments Gold card diagram.

Gold card diagram. This diagram shows the elements that make up CGC’s gold cards to give our customers 100% purchasing confidence.

Once the bars have been certified by the Goldsmiths’ Assay Office, each bar is securely sealed onto a plastic card using tamper resistant resin, this prevents the gold being tampered with or replicated. For additional security, each card is embedded with an RFID chip. Along with the mark of the Goldsmiths’ assay office, each bar is laser marked with a unique reference number. The Unique reference number allows you to value and monitor your gold purchases at any time.

There is no other supplier which offers physical gold at spot price, 3rd party certified and embedded with technology which provides additional security.

Why Gold

Gold is highly resilient and holds its value even in the toughest of economic times it is and will remain to be guarded against inflation. Looking back in history gold has always been valued for its worth and beauty.

‘Gold guards against inflation’